What Makes Alex's Whey Unique?
Alex's Whey Homemade Protein Cookies are made from only the finest organic and all natural ingredients. They are a great tasting healthier snack alternative for any time of day, especially just before or after a tough workout.
We are proud to produce a cookie that is low in fat, with no sugar added, sweetened only with healthy agave, and that contains isolate whey protein. For more information about the benefits of these ingredients, please visit our FAQs.
All cookies are baked fresh upon your order and made especially for you. Exceptional care goes into preparing each batch by hand. To place an order, please visit the All Flavors page.
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Homemade Protein Cookies
All Natural & Organic Ingredients
"They are the greatest cookies I have ever eaten! I especially love that they are healthy too."
   - Rick Harrison
(978) 408-8822    CustomerService@alexswhey.com
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